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Legal Disclaimers for All Marketing Collaterals

For Natural Materials (Wooden elements / Stone elements)

Door Frames : Door frames are made of solid hard wood. Solid hard wood, being a natural material will vary in texture, knots and would have seasonal behavior depending on the ambient temperature. Expansion and contraction is inherent to hard wood and may lead to surface cracks.

Granite/ Marble/ Sandstone : Granite/ Marble / Sandstone any other stone being natural material will vary in texture and colour. Over a period of time discoloration can happen. Stone being porous in nature will absorb fluid if any fluid spillage is not removed quickly. Stone may develop crack on impact with heavy equipment, sharp object etc. Polishing on the stone is done using artificial polishing agents and shall wear off due to usage in due course of time. It requires regular proper maintenance for maintaining polish.

Wall and Ceiling Cracks: Due to large temperature variance between summer months and winter months expansions and contraction takes place in concrete and brick work. Due to such movements, sometimes surface cracks would appear in the walls or at the junction of RCC members and Brick masonry. Such cracks could appear despite taking all engineering precautions.

Normal wear & tear: Equipments and products within the apartment and /or within the Complex will face natural wear and tear over a period of time due to usage. If such usage is more than what is prescribed by the manufacturer/ vendor of such products, then the rate of deterioration/ degeneration would be faster. The Developer is not a manufacturer of such products directly and hence depends on the warranty provided by the manufacturer/ vendor of such products. The warranty on all such products/ equipments/ materials shall be the warranty provided by the original equipment manufacturer only.

Door Shutters : Door shutters are hollow core door shutters. The frame of the shutter is made of such as Rubber Wood, Canadian Pine, Miranti or similar. The central part of the frame is filled with either tubular board made of compacted wood particles of medium density or pieces of wood. Thereafter the top moulded skin is pasted in a factory process. The shutters will have a tendency to bulge if water seeps inside and can crack on heavy impact which may happen due to a forceful banging of the shutter or if proper door stopper is not utilized.

Vitrified tiles and Ceramic Tiles : Tiles are sourced from the tile manufacturing Companies of national repute. Tiles consist of, among other things, natural sand, silica and soil. Colouring agents are used for providing different colours, shades and patterns to the tiles. Variation in colour minor undulation in the surface is inherent in the tile making process. Tiles are 8-10 mm thick and can develop cracks upon impact with heavy or sharp objects.

Any specific technical detail for any material may be sought by the buyer from the developer.
Kitchen Cabinet : Kitchen cabinet may be made of MDF (Medium Density Fiber) Board with pre lamination. The same must be handled carefully. In case of water ingress in the board due to any spillage, it will have tendency to bulge

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